Simple Lighting Feature Request

In Simple Lighting, there’s an option to turn lights on based on a certain event (eg Sunset) and it allows you to offset the time (+/- minutes before Sunset). It also gives you the option to “turn off lights at sunrise” by flipping a switch — any chance you can add an option to offset this time as well? I’d like to have those lights turn off 60 minutes or so before sunrise instead of creating a whole new rule.



Once features start being added to Simple Lighting it become Not Simple Lighting real quick. You can easily do this with one rule in Rule Machine:

Condition: Time between Sunset +/- offset and Sunrise +/- offset
Rule: ditto (autofills)
Action for True: turn on lights
Action for False: turn off lights

This rule will fire twice each day at the two selected times. For the first time it fires, it will be true, and for the second time it fires, it will be false.


It seems to me that adding the second offset still makes it simpler than creating two separate rules to just turn a light on and off. My vote is with Joe on this.