Simple Lighting Delay not working

Hi all,

I have two simple lighting rules that turn off lights after 5 minute delays once triggered. At some point one stopped turning off after the delay and the other kept working. I see in the logs that the "anti-Turn On & Set Level" is running for one but not the other after the delay.

I've gone as far as deleting and recreating the rule, with the same outcome. Am I missing something very obvious?

I assume motion2 is the problematic automation? Have you verified that the associated sensor is actually sending "inactive" events? (Live logging with info logging enabled for the device is one way to see it, but the device's "Events" tab should also show history.)

If not, that would explain the problem. But if so, I'm not sure. Have you tried just hitting "Done" in this app and seeing if that helps? Rarely, an app might miss a device subscription for some reason and that could help. Recreating the automation may too.

That seems to have been it. Odd that the motion just stopped reporting inactive states. Thanks!!

Ive had the smartthings motion sensors hang up in the active state before requiring a battery pull to get back working.