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I am new and am creating some timers for my lights using simple lighting application. My question is, I am creating a couple timer that should run daily. One is for outdoor lights (front porch and garage side lights) to turn on daily at sunset (15 min prior) and turn off at sunrise. Do I need to go into the restrictions and select all the days of the week I want. Since I want this daily, it would be everyday of the week). Or if I don't select any day, is it assumed it just runs daily? What if I wanted to create a timer that should run only once? I am using Zooz Dimmer switch ZEN22 & ZEN24 and I set them as Generic Z-Wave Dimmer Switch. I can turn on and off with the dashboard tile.

Thanks for any help!!

I personally do these types of automations with rule machine.

In terms of fast responding automation it’s best to stick to simple automation and motion lighting apps.

Use Simple Automation Rules (may have to install the built -in app), leave RM for the hard stuff.


That looks like what I am doing and I am not going into the restrictions where I can select specific days. My thoughts are for everyday, the timer would fire daily at sunset -15 even though i don't select everyday in the restrictions. Now if I wanted that timer to fire on say Mon, Wed, Friday, then I simply go into the restircitions and put a check mark for Mon, Wed & Friday. But if I want Everyday, I just leave those blank.

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correct, no restrictions means as soon as the rule triggers (sunset -15). Think of it this way the rule will run everyday no matter what. If it turns the lights on or NOT is up to the restrictions set.

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Hi guys, have anyone experience on how to troubleshoot a Simple Lighting rule at motion on, but Hubitat will not do the Turn off when motion stops (after 4 min)?

Just ask this before I going to do a total Hubitat reset.
Thanks in advanced. :pray:

Is there options to turn on logging?

I wouldn't do that! At least not as a first step. That is an absolute last resort.

If you go to the Devices tab, and select this motion sensor, does it show motion/no motion correctly? It probably isn't reporting so your Simple Lighting doesn't know when to turn off.

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Thanks for helping.
Strange enough, it all had worked just fine. After installing a Shutter driver (which has nothing to do with this rule), Hubitat will not send a Anti-Active command.
Normally this is what the log shows:

  1. Sensor-Garage is active
  2. Turn On Garage when Sensor-Bijkeuken, Sensor-Garage active
  3. Sensor-Garage is inactive
  4. Turn On Garage when Sensor-Bijkeuken, Sensor-Garage anti-active

Now, 1-3 is now seen in the log, but event 4 "anti-active" is not shown any more.

So, I did a few things in the hope I can get it working again:
A. Removed the new installed driver
B. Deleted the Simple-Lighting rule and create it again.
C. Restart / Reboot the Hubitat
D. Ask you guys for help :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

Screen capture of the rule? It is hard to tell what your settings are and how you have it configured without seeing it.

I think it is working again. Thanks for thinking with me. Looks like the Sensor Zigbee range and creating the rule onder a different rule name have some effect to get it working now.