Simple light flash on motion?

I have a sengled color plus bulb - I want it to be purple normally. I want it to flash green on and off after motion is sensed on a motion sensor. After i figure this out - I'd like to program a cancel button on one of my pico remotes if possible, or just a button on the dashboard (virtual device to cancel it?) I haven't gotten that far... Right now I'm just trying to get the light to flash on for a second, then turn off for a second in a repeated pattern.

I've tried the toggle and set color option - but that doesn't turn it on or off. I can't seem to figure out what why and I also don't understand "delay" in rule machine...

I've tried running a repeat for turning it on, delay for 1 second, then turn it back off, then delay for another second, but the light kinda spazzes out trying to turn on and off really fast.

What am I doing wrong? This seems so simple and yet I cannot get it. Feeling frustrated.

Can you post a screenshot of your current rule as it makes it a bit easier to see what is happening?

If I disable Alexa's speech, by using the toggle to not speak the message, she still speaks. If I deselect her and then untoggle the option to speak, then she stops speaking. I feel this is a bug?

If I don't have an action to turn the lights on, the current screenshot won't even turn on the lights - all it does is change the colors... If I change Green+100 to Green+0 it turns off the first time it hits 0 and doesn't turn back on again. Is that normal or another bug?

Also - i cannot get it to be a consistent flash, it's varied in length each time, and so far has never turned green five times in a run when running the rule. So like, it will turn green right away, wait a second, then turn red, then turn green after say 4 or 5 seconds, then red immediately, etc... very sporadic.

I would brake it down 1st to get things working.

So create a rule and don't even add a trigger, then in the actions do this

So the repeat every is a over reaching delay, you also don't want to be sending more commands than you need so I only send the level once. I have added the cancels so you don't end up creating multiple versions of the rules if you trigger it more than once, but obviously it doesn't stop it as such yet.


You're missing the "END-REP" action. This is required so that it knows, if repeating a block of actions but not all the actions, where to end. Like @BorrisTheCat here is a quick example that works.

Make sure your "speak" command works on that speaker from the device edit page.


Here is what I did to make a rule that does what you want.
Using a 1 second delay was too short for my bulb to respond so try 2 seconds and see how it goes.

I don't use Alexa so can't really help with that issue but I would gather that the only option would be to speak a notification that it sent it so maybe the speak option doesn't work for these deviec but this is a complete guess.


Yeah, this example by @at9 adds a capture so you can restore it to whatever state it was previous to the blinking.


Simple Automation, even better HSM, should have an option to FLASH lights just in the same manner you wrote in here RM.