Simple google home app question

A very simple question. I have multiple hubs serving different buildings. Can I link multiple hubitat hubs through the same google account using the built in google app and have devices on both hubs under control of google?


I'm not sure about the possibility of running the GH integration on each HE hub, if that is what you are wanting to do, but if the HE hubs are on the same network, I would expect you could share the devices back to one HE hub using Hub Mesh, then integrate them all in one GH Integration App on the one HE hub. E.g. HE Hubs A, B and C share devices with with HE hub D, and HE hub D has GH Integration installed, sharing all the devices from HE hub A, B, C and D with GH.

Yes I would think this should be okay, at least with the community one it should work as you could give each one a different name.

I have one hub which uses the built in GH app and another which has the community one and I link both to GH and can see all the devices.

I think in GH you can also have multiple locations so that should also do what you need.

I realize I could use one hub and mesh but I was just hoping to do it without creating the dependency between the two hubs to do it. I guess I'll just have to try it and see what if anything breaks

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well, just to let everyone know, this definately does not work. linking in the second up, blew out all devices in google that were on the first hub. Seems the only way to do this is via meshing and using one hub as the control hub

I think you can do it the same way as people who have multiple Philips Hue hubs. You need a different Google account to bring in each hub individually. So, if you have two Hubitat hubs, you need two Google accounts.

Or two apps like I do

yeah, well, quite frankly I think I am going to just take the plunge and get rid of google entirely. I've been able to simplify and make things a whole lot more stable by just switching to the homekit integration entirely. I haven't used the google home app in ages, and I drank the cool-aid a long time ago with the iphone and watch.

I've already got one homepod mini in the house, so I think I will just pick up a second one and slowly teach my brain to say "hey siri" instead of "hey google".

Even with how much it pains me to say it, with the homekit stuff "It just works" (-: I switched my presence detection entirely over to that built in with homekit, and it has been flawless. I just think I've decided in my next level of simplification, google is getting kicked to the curb