Simple automations dont turn off

I have two automations in simple automations app. both are supposed to turn on a fan or light at XX time and off at XX time. neither work. they both turn on the device. but never turn off.

both look like. this,

Can you show the scheduled jobs for that app?

Also, do you have anything configured under the "Restrictions" section? (This is important because restrictions in Simple Automation Rules are very...simple. If both "on" and "off" actions are in the same automation with a restriction, a rule could turn the lights on but not turn them off because the restriction condition became true in the meantime; if you don't want that behavior, the solution is to separate each, with each having only the restrictions you'd actually want for that action.)

can you remove a restriction?

Yes, just un-select or remove any options you've selected or typed in.

I have the same problem. I have my front lights set to turn on at sunset and that part works, and I set a restriction to only run between sunset and 0100. But they don't turn off at 0100.

I can create a separate simple rule to turn them off but it seems like I should be able to do both actions with one rule.

There is an option in the same rule to turn them off at sunrise, that is not in the Restrictions portion. I think I will try that first.

Your problem is different. You do not have anything in your rule that would turn off the light--all it does it turn it on at sunset. Further, the "Restrictions" section apparently works differently than you were thinking: they just stop the rule from running when the restrictions are in effect, and restrictions are farily simple/naΓ―ve--nothing will happen when one is no longer in effect unless something else happens to "trigger" the automation (which since that is sunset for you would be nothing until the next sunset).

If you want the lights to turn off at a specific time, I would use your idea of creating a second rule to do this. If you want them to turn off at sunrise, you can use the option in your existing rule. (Unfortunately, you cannot mix-and-match sunrise with specific times in the same rule--one limitation of this app.) There is nothing wrong with having more than one app work together to create an automation you want.

Finally, you can remove the restriction from your rule above--right now your whole rule basically says "turn the light on at sunset unless it's between sunset at 1 AM." This is probably not what you want and might actually cause problems with the light not turning on at all since the rule should run at exactly sunset and your restriction might have just come into effect.

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I deleted the exclusion and set it to turn off at sunrise and that worked.

I'll create a separate rule if I want to turn it off at 11 or midnight or whatever.

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