Simple automation rules => turn off question

hi community,
I have a (bit) complex use case here: I have a bathroom light (non smart) + 1 hue smart bulb with a hue motion and illumination sensor.
I'm looking for turning the smart lights on only when the manual lamp is not turned on (thought about measuring the light in lux and don't trigger "turn on" when light is more than 5 lux. (suspecting that the other lamp is on)
I created my ruled which is expected to:

  • turn the light on between sunrise and sunset immediately if motion is detected, and light is less than 5 lux.

  • turn the light off 1 minute after motion stops
    The problem is that the light is never turning off.
    I've created the very same rule to work between sunset and sunrise setting the light to 10% instead 90, that works (turns on and off) , but this one is not.
    (enable on/off optimization I've playing with but same thing. not turning off)

My question is: "restrictions" only apply for "when to turn on" I assume and not affecting the "turn off" (as its working in my same config for the night)
Any ideas why the light is not turning off?

my other rule (for the night) what's actually working properly:

any help appreciated

hmm. thanks @furom prolly that was the problem. removed the illuminance part and now its turned off.... not sure how can I solve this problem. do you have any ideas?

well, not really a problem, but to solve the "do not turn smart lights on if the other lamp is on"
that's what the lux setting was for.

or: (if the lux setting is added) - the turn off after x minutes of motion stops even if the lux is higher than 5. (so maybe to add a third rule to "force turn off" anything happens n minutes after the motion stops) ?

:slight_smile: thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. as I read, there's a way to chain rules together. Also, even if I add a third rule to turn off x minutes after the motion stops, which rule will have precedence? :slight_smile:

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