Simple automation rules randomly changing AM to PM

I recently purchased a brand new hubitat model C7, and am in the midst of experiencing some growing pains. I have 30 brand new GE Enbrighten Zwave plus dimmers installed all around the house. All I want to do is have certain lights turn on at a certain intensity, at certain times of the day. This is the most basic form of home automation.

Except “simple automation rules” keeps randomly moving the time under “Turn on & set level at” from p.m. to a.m. and a.m. to p.m. this is the third time in the past two weeks since I have the hub, that all the lights at my 6 PM grouping trigger and turn on at 6 AM, including the bedroom. :expressionless: I go back into the app, change the p.m. to a.m. and hit save. Everything works fine for a day. Then another grouping doesn’t trigger at 10 PM because it now says 10 AM. How is it possible that all of my groupings in simple automation rules seem to randomly swap from a.m. to p.m or pm to am? And no, no one else has access to the app in my household to change these intentionally. This shouldn’t even be a bug. What is going on here.

Go to Settings / Location. Check your timezone and time. Hit update. That may resolve it.

That did nothing unfortunately and at 10pm the preset did not fire because it now lists it as 10 am.

I did however change the clock to 24 hours and the midnight and 1 am worked. I will see if it works as planned tomorrow.

What timezone are you in?


Everything worked this morning so far while on a 24 hour clock.