Simple Automation Rules: not working if set on sunset/sunrise with offset

Rule with specific time working fine:

Rule based on sunset time with offset - JUST DO NOTHING:

Switch not operated by second (sunset with offset) rule.

Pls point - if I doing something wrong or expecting something unexpected ?

I’m seeming to have the same problem. I have a simple rule to turn on the garage light and the front porch light @ sunset and off at sunrise but nothing seems to happen. It seems as if sunset is not triggering.

In my case rules started working on next day.
Changing settings not lead to re-evaluation of conditions.

I’ve set a simple automation rule that says turn lamp on at sunset and off at 11pm. This works perfectly.

I then decided to have the light come on earlier so set the sunset offset to -30.

With the offset nothing happens. Lamp stays off unless I use the dashboard or socket switch to switch it on. It then turns off at the scheduled off time of 11pm.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I seem to recall something about the event scheduling when using sunrise or sunset with an offset - the event isn't scheduled for the current day, it is scheduled for the next day . . . I'm a bit fuzzy on it.

I think @bravenel knows this inside and out . . .

Does setting a time overnight work, such as

, or do you need one rule to go from 930pm to midnight, another to go from midnight to sunrise?

Yes, it does.

I've been struggling with this and have a support ticket open. I have several simple automations for turnings certain lights on or off where the on or off may or may not be based on a sunrise or sunset with a + or - offset. The before sunset offsets generally work, but didn't for some time (I revised those and now they seem to work), but the sunrise seems to not shut them off. Works for some simple automations, not for others, not always consistently.

My understanding of how I think it should work is that it will turn off +/- offset from sunrise, and turn on +/- offset from sunset.

Am I missing something? It did work flawlessly before, and then started acting up I believe after an update.

There is a known bug, fixed in 2.2.7, with sunset plus offset for turning off a light.

Please show the rule that doesn't work.

BTW, our support team generally does not deal with apps issues; those get dealt with here.

Hello all,
I am new to Z-Wave and have just installed a C7 hub and a few switches. I control my devices locally with a simple dashboard and understand from this thread that I can also see and operate my dashboard via the internet. That would be very useful to me when traveling.
Much of the discussion here whets my appetite for what is possible but is way above my pay grade. I really need basic, not too technical, instructions. For instance, what is the address for remote access? And how do I set up a password for remote access? Is there newbie-oriented documentation on using a dashboard over the internet? Any help gratefully received.
Jim Gregory

Hello & welcome to Hubitat:
There is a community based app that makes it a cinch to develop and use a dashboard that I recommend. I find it much easier to use than the built in dashboard.
The only downside is that it's for Android (not Apple) devices.

Many thanks for the reference. I use Android and will check out the app.

The Android app looks great. I usually travel with a PC laptop and prefer, at least initially, to use it to access my dashboard. I wish to learn how to access existing dashboard via internet using the laptop.