Simple Automation Rule Problems

New to Hubitat and already ready to throw in the towel! I have rules that just go willy nilly. Here's an example. This is under Simple Automation Rule. I want the lights on at a certain time and off at a certain time only when mode is set to Day or Evening. The problem is the lights don't shut off. Well they do, usually 3 to 4 days in a row then they don't. Last night I woke around 3 am and they were still on when they should be off and mode is Night. There is no reason why this rule shouldn't work that I can think of. I don't understand how it can work fine then all of a sudden stop working. I have a few more rules like this not working correctly as well. Could someone please help me? TIA

Here's a screen shot of the rule:

The issue I bet you are seeing is restrictions do not turn switches off, they just inhibit the automation from running. So if the light is on and you change to night, the light will stay on. You need another automation saying if mode changes to night, turn off the light.

Thanks for your help! It is very much appreciated. Do I do the mode rule separately?


Not suggesting you need to do it in Rule Machine, it can be done in Simple Automations, but you need to be aware of this:

If you wanted to try out Rule Machine there are several ways to write the rule, below is how I would do it. (Note at the beginning of the rule I define the days and modes where I DON'T want the automation to happen i.e. exit rule)

For the Rule to work, 7:05am and 10:05pm cannot be during any of the modes where you tell the rule not to run. If that is the case, changes need to be made.

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