Simple Automation Rule not working consistently

I created multiple simple automation rules on hubitat but they are not consistent while running. For instance i have this automation rule
Turn on Garage Entry Lights when Garage Entry door open/close and turn off the light 2 min after the door closes. The app has to work only between 7:30PM to 7:30AM CDT
This app work sometime and sometime it turns the Garage Entry Light on but never turn them off.

This is the information on the device itself

This is the log entry of the garage entry light and the app
Garage Entry door logs

Garage Entry light logs

Turn on the light when garage entry is open/close app logs

This is happening quite often i don't know how to explain it.
Please advise


What other rules control the the light?
Based on these logs it appears to be working but the light was turned off before the 2 minutes some other way.

The lights are also used by the "turn On Garage entry lights when Garage motion active" so from what i am understanding from your comment is that the other rule turned on the lights first and door open did not turn on the lights that is why the lights never turned off?
Now my question is when the other rule succeeded the second rule becomes usefulness?

It's hard to tell without the full logs of a time when it didn't turn of the lights.
Maybe just disable the motion rule and test it out that it is working on it's own.

Another option is to just have the door turn the lights on and let the motion rule turn them off.

Thanks for the suggestion

I have a similar problem, I have lights set to turn on and off at certain times and the Simple Automation Rule doesn't turn the lights on sometimes, doesn't turn the lights off sometime and also turns them on and off at the wrong times.

I have the same issue. Simple rule. On at sunset off at 11pm. Worked 2 days and then just stopped.