Simple Automation Rule for Light Not working


i have a simple automation rule for turning on lights triggered by door sensor.
I configured it to turn off light after door sensor is closed.

Door Sensor itself and the Light Switch is working flawelessly, but in this specific automation rule it never triggers to turn off the light after a delay of 5 minutes.
I can turn off and on the light directly via hubitat-devices, but the automation rule fails always on this.

Rule got re-created already.

Are those rules just buggy or any ideas who to fix that?

Thank you!

Screenshot attached for that rule.

Please turn on logging for this rule, and post the logs as a screenshot. For testing, perhaps reduce time to 1 minute so it goes quicker.

Could you please PM me your hub's id, I can take a look at the engineering logs on the hub.

Thanks for feedback.

Attached is one screenshot of recent test.

Based on that, the app did send an off command (anti-Turn On). Did that happen at the appropriate time? What type of device is being turned off? It would appear that it is not logging anything, so it is hard to tell. Turn on Description Text logging.

Is not the 3th line the "anti-Turn" off info?

I read it like this from bottom to top:

  1. Line: Door Open
    2 Line: LIght is turned on
    3 Line: Door closed
    4.Line: anti-Turn On command (light should get off, but donยดt - excatly 1 minute as set after Line 2 event)

Yes, for the app. But there is no device log for that device turning off. We can see open/close, but not on/off from the device.

Hi Guys.

Thanks for you feedback so far.

I just delted the shelly switch device and created it with new custom drivers again.
It seems to work now.

Just wondering why it did work manually but not via rule before :slight_smile:
Anyhow, thanks for your help!

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