Simple Automation Request

Not a big deal by any means but i wanted to put in a request for an improvement.

I use simple automation to schedule multiple lights on and off around my home at different times.

  • If i use "Specific Time" as the trigger, i can turn on the lights and turn them off again in the same rule.
  • If i use "Sun Set" as the trigger...the only option for Off is to select "off at Sunrise"

I turn many lights on at Sunset but turn them off at a set time. To achieve this - i have to create 2 for on at Sun Set, another rule to turn them off at 11 PM

Is it possible to add the "Off" option at a set time when using "On at sunset"? Would save a lot of separate rules - which would help clean up the visual in the simple automation app.

On and Off in the same simple automation when using set time

No Option for Off other than at Sun rise

Extra Simple Automation required to turn off from above simple automation turning lights on

@bravenel usually has the final word on requests like this. But the general concern is that while each request might be reasonable and a small enough change, the simple automation app eventually becomes not-so-simple if they continue to add options to it.


You aren't using the latest version of Simple Automation Rules. You need to upgrade your platform. This feature has already been implemented in Simple Automation Rule 1.1.

Update to


Thanks for the reply.
I'm actually on 224.156. But I can see the issue.

When i select a new simple automation rule, the option for specific time off is available when i use trigger on at Sun Set.
However with existing rules i have set still only has sun rise off when selecting sub set as on

Do i need to re-install the Simple automation App...or is the update to the app supposed to be done done when the platform firmware was updated?


New rule

Existing Rule

For backwards compatibility old automations will remain on the old version using the old settings. You would need to create a new automation to take advantage of this feature and then remove the old automation. In the apps list you will also see version number beside the name as an indicator. I had to do the same recently with several of mine.

Appreciate that reply.
This gives me a chance to do a better naming convention anyway.....and i have a coffee and baileys in hand....time to get after it!

Nice! Best way to start the day!

Just used the Simple Automation 1.1. Great options. Was able to remove some of the rules with discrete on / off - set color setups and replace with a single simple automation.
Great update.

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I do think there may be another request but it's simply for organization and I'm sure its going to be too far down the list that unlikely to get addressed.

I have a picture below of my simple automations. So far i have 3 types of automations

  • simple on / off based on time
    -lights coming on off based on doors opening / locks opening...etc
  • automations for scene control ( double taps...etcs)

Might there be a way to install different instances of Simple Automation..meaning have more than 1 simple automation app active at the same time?
I try and keep these automations straight or separated by a number / naming convention but it would be great to be able to group them together in some logical convention.

If there were multiple instances of the simple automations permitted...people could group their automations how ever they chose.

Again...expect this is low on the totem pole but would be great for those of us that like to be able to separate out the rules and automations to make them easier to find and reference.

Anyway - food for thought.


I updated to the latest and I set this up for a light to turn on before sunset with an off time 4 hours after sunset.

The light doesn't turn off though.

Some folks are using icons in the app name to help identify.

I haven’t done this so cannot speak from experience as I use name prefixes but believe I have seen screenshots from @lewis.heidrick with them in his apps. Maybe he can comment if he is indeed using them.

Yea, I've been using them for a long time in both apps and devices.

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That’s a pretty cool idea. Thanks. Will have to try that this week end.

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If you use Alexa or Google Home it helps to delete the icon from the names in their respective apps from the devices after they are created. They will still properly reference the correct device in HE but won't tts the icon name when it talks back to you about a fan or whatever turning on. It's not required but it annoyed me enough to remove the emoji's from google home.

Your timezone may be messed up. Go to Settings / Location. Re-enter your timezone, and hit Update. Make sure the sunrise and sunset time are correct.


Those are correct, in fact the exact same times work as 2 separate simple automations. (one for on, one for off)