Silly RM Actions Question

So, I have several Ring Range Extenders V2 that I have in a rule to monitor power. I am currently NOT using it for auto shutdown. I just wanted the notifications.

With the ice storm over the last several days, I finally had a condition that should have real world tested it this morning. Luckily, I was awake as the notification did not get sent.

There are 4 range extenders, and I had a rule to get a notification when ANY of them report battery power. The notification was set to go to two devices AND speak on the local speakers. (Which I think I know the problem, I am just wanting to verify)

So, to the question, if ANY part of an action is not executable, does that prevent the action from occuring? In this case, the speakers would have been powered down. But, I did not get the phone notification. LAN, Internet, and Hub are all on battery backup. However, the internet was taken out with the same utility pole that took out the power. But, I thought I should get notifications by phone as long as I am on the same internal network.

In case, I have modified the rule for three conditionals: Any item reports battery, speak and notify (Would still have power if any have power), ALL items report main, speak and notify plus turn on a virtual switch, ALL items report battery, notify (no speak as no power to speakers) and turn off the same virtual switch (Which I am going to use eventually as a trigger for a hub shutdown on a timer AND monitor with Tasker to wake me up if during sleeping hours).

I feel like this one should work. Am I correct in that the entire action needs to be able to run or the entire action fails?

Edited to add
The original rule was just the first conditional. I checked the logs and the extenders did in fact report as battery power at the moment power was lost. However, the notification did not fire. When tested at the time I wrote it, I just unplugged one to simulate a power outage. Did not think about the case where the speakers were not available without power

I am also aware that the middle rule can only run if the hub is still on. My intent is that I would not shut the hub down immediately in a short power outage. Getting the notification that all monitors are back would keep me from logging in and shutting down. If power was restore before then.
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My understanding is that the notifications are cloud based so if the internet is down they are not working. Not sure about your speakers, but if they are Wifi it's probably a cloud based API so even if they had power they probably wouldn't work either.

I use Alexa speakers and it's all cloud based so they only work with internet.

One or the other not working, should not stop both.

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Not talking about getting the voice notification. I'm talking about the phone. I thought those were local IP

Well aware that the speakers won't work with no internet. That was actually my point. (Actually, some of mine will work on local wifi if they have power - Samsung integration is all local - But this time they did not have power)

If the phone notifications work locally, and the other half of the action(speakers) don't, then I think that's what broke the notification.

Or, are the phone notifications not local either?