Significant drop in DB size? Change in reporting method?

No functional problems noticed with last firmware update but I noticed that after I updated to the lasted firmware, that my DB size dropped dramatically (was usually in the range of 45-60MB for the last two years, then recently dropped to 5-9MB after the last update about 1d 14hrs ago). I did also migrate my Kasa devices to the built-in Kasa Integration at around the same time but not sure if this has anything to do with this.

Again, everything seems to be working and functionally I have not noticed any problems. Just curious as to what the root cause of this could be. Any changes in the way the firmware is reporting DB size, or perhaps differences in how Hub Information app is interacting with the hub data? Perhaps @thebearmay has some insights (in my experience he seems to be impressively knowledgeable in most things Hubitat!) or perhaps @djgutheinz (for his Kasa Integration). TIA for any help.

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I just read a lot on here and poke at things that look interesting. :sunglasses: As to DB size, 2.3.3.x contained a database change/upgrade; I suspect that is the cause of what you are seeing.


Interesting....I updated to 2.3.3. and I now see that my database size has reduced also. It is now around 5 MB. It used to be around 18 MB or so. No problems with the update.....everything is working fine.


I found this thread searching for some insight into my overnight decrease in database size. At the same time -2.3.3.xx mine went from a consistent 38-43 to 5-12. No apparent difference in functionality. I track it on a Hubigraph panel along with Free memory so it was easy to notice.

If only for my own reference, I expect I may have asked a similar question... I should research better before posting :slight_smile:

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