Shrink size of boxes with controls in Dashboard

I know it must be obvious, but not to me. I want to make each of these boxes small enough so two fit side to side on my wife's iPhone. Making the icons and fonts smaller has no effect on the size of the boxes themselves. What's the solution please?

Double the size of the grid. Then each tile is 1/4 the current size. Then you can double the size of each tile to return it to the current look. I happen to use a grid of 12x26.
Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 9.02.26 AM

The "big" tile in the center has two "half height" tiles next to it as well as two "half height" below.

Double the size of the grid and then double the size of tiles and you're back to normal looking BUT will all the half height options too.

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What I've done is clicked the upper right Gear icon - under Options, experimented with setting the column width/height settings there.

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That was the ticket. I was drawing a blank on that. Thanks!

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