Show Off Your Dashboards!

The first one is my kitchen wall setup, i bought a large touchscreen monitor, ran the HDMI cable/power/USB into my wall and into the pantry closet next to the wall. Setup an Intel NUC computer to run the Hubitat Dashboard full screen and also a shared O365 calendar for the family to see and use on their phones.

The second one is around the corner in my living room, running on an Amazon Fire tablet, setup a recessed power outlet for the USB cable to power the tablet itself and then mounted the tablet to the wall in front of it so its covered.

Both are displaying controls for various lights and garage door opener, the large monitor runs a feed of my Nest Doorbell cam and my Nest 4k camera mounted to overlook my driveway, to save space the tablet just runs a stream of my Nest Doorbell camera.

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So try adding:

#tile-1 { background-color: rgb(0,0,236) !important; }

You might not need:

#tile-1 .tile-primary { background-color: rgb(0,0,236) !important; }

Also, I'm not sure if !important will be required, I'd try it without first, then add it if needed.

Very nice setup!
When you say it's showing a feed of your nest cameras, what method did you use? Is it the one involving making the feeds public?

Yes, that’s correct.
Not perfect but it works.

Thanks that worked and you were correct .tile-primary was not needed.

Hey @sburke781, this looks awesome!! Could you share the CSS for this? Specifically, left-justifying and single-lining the tiles...

Would be awesome, as I wanna copy you :slight_smile:

Finished my first Wall mounted dashboard:


I just got this setup over the weekend. More details on the smartly thread.

hidden PTZ Preset control overlays on camera image tile.

Mounted iPad

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Nice retro dashboard. I like what you did there :rofl:

Hi @AdamV, can I ask what the Spotify button does? :+1:

it launches the spotify app. The "Lounge music" music button turns on the AV receiver, speakers and sets the AV receiver to the chromecast audio input" and then tapping spotify opens the spotify app so you can decide what to play

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Ah cool, I thought someone may have finally gotten to grips with their API :smiley:
God knows I've tried, but just not clever enough. I've gotten so far, but all the OAuth2 is way above my head.

On HA, I've been able to use the Bose integration, and set up some extra buttons for playlists, which is pretty cool, but that's only because another app is refreshing the required tokens. But I'd love to crack it properly so its more seamless.


I think I'd still do it this way for the dashboard as the Spotify app looks great and has all the features and the dashboard is set to home so its easy to get back to

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I’m experimenting at the moment with a full screen view in an iPad. My house would probably need 4 Dashboards in total - Upper Floor, Lower Floor, Garage/Workshop and Outdoors.
It would be good to have finer control of device placement, is this possible using the code window? Any suggestions appreciated.

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Yes, the external link

Here's the final product using my Mini PC and Beetronics Panels. It's nice controlling them all with Teamviewer from my office. I just paid a regular picture frame shop to make the frames, then I used small round magnets on the frame to hold them in place


Those are huge panels. Very nice!

I have smaller ones, those are the two big ones in the house. You know with the nest camera plugins they just keep crashing the android tablets. Easier to maintain with windows and teamviewer so far.

Love this! I'm trying to do something similar but unable to execute commands to my SoundTouch device. How did you implement next, pause, play etc.?