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Lenovo M7 (3rd gen)

The project was a thermostat display for my dumb heaters/portable air con. I started using my old cracked-screen Moto G5 then saw the tablet advertised so they caught me at a weak moment.

As a daily tablet it seems average at best (the screen can be a little unresponsive) but it is working perfectly as my climate display/thermostat. I discovered with magnification turned on in android settings I can zoom in to hide the menu and I don't need to put on glasses to read the display.


very nice thanks for the info, I have been looking for a tablet to get. does the double tap to wake work out of the box with this tablet or you using a 3rd party app to make it happen?

You can move the menu items and make them almost invisible through CSS, and I'm sure some tinkering with the font sizes could help with readability. But sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, so if the zoom is working for you, not real need to spend more time on it...

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Double-tap to wake and lift to wake are in settings, not sure if specific to this tablet or the OS version it came with (Android 11).

I have the screen timeout set to 15 seconds in android but stay awake while charging (developer options), combined with Fully Kiosk's wake/suspend function. Linked to a Tradfri outlet the screen activates/deactivates according to the thermostat mode but can be kept on if required with the outlet switch tile.

I find the power button more convenient if I need to turn it on as I'm standing when in front of the unit.

There is also a setting to turn off the charging indicator light but I found it comes back on occasionally, hence the black tape top right (almost invisible in use).

Thanks I appreciate the input. CSS is on my list of things to tackle, I have only dabbled with it so far. The magnification is just handy if I'm standing at the unit having forgotten my glasses. :upside_down_face:

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Just found this. Well done.
How did you do the power meters display? I like the dials and would like to replicate them.

This is my desktop dashboard so far. Based on Smartly and I'm slowly learning CSS.

And the mobile version.


How did you create separate Mobile and Desktop Dashboards ?

You can make as many dashboards as you want. Make one for one specific device and one for another...

Yes they are two separate dashboards setup with similar templates but one is adjusted to fit the mobile screen better.
I don't really use the desktop dashboard, it was just easier to learn on the larger screen.

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Waiting for the tablet to make a bigger one :grin:


How did you pull in the Windy preview?

You have to go to the windy website and setup API access then add a virtual device with the url.

A few screenshots of my linked dashboard. So far only been working on the shades and all works great.


Latest of our main dashboard...


Take a look at Smartly and Sharptools--both offer more control without coding CSS, etc.

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Started building a new dash.
Not how I want it to look in the end, but it's getting close.


How did you put those cameras?

Point to your cgi feed of the camera and set refresh for every 1 second

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