Show Off Your Dashboards!

I wish I could push the heart button 10 more times!


In all honesty, not many people pointed this out till now. Annoyed me as well, but figured since that's how IOS does links in save to desktop, that's how apple wanted it. Android and Chrome don't do this...

However, the fix was fairly simple, some days I just have to wonder if Apple would be better off creating their own internet. :slight_smile:


awesome! i havent had time to move other full rooms to hubitat yet ... but the one full room i have moved i have something similar on dashboard with occupancy, the occupancy switches and all the devices in it:

the button 1, ..., button 9 etc is for directly setting the room state from dashboard. 1 = occupied, 3 = vacant, 4 = locked and 9 = engaged.

now counting on @patrick to provide a way to use custom text instead button x on the tile so it reads occupied, ..., engaged :slight_smile:


How is everyone making and displaying dashboards? Some how I missed this feature. Is there an app to install?

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yes. install the hubitat dashboard app from load new app on the app screen.

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See this thread:

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Thank you!

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the star trek reference did not go un-noticed. Naming buttons is on the list... I need an extra 4-6 hours in each day or a time machine.


thanks! busy much on the weekends? :wink:

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What's a weekend?


Some of the ones I am working on while getting stuff cleaned up device/hub wise - as you can see the liquor cabinet door is open ... must be working on home automations :slight_smile:


this is still taking shape ... most of my devices are still on ST so lot to do ... but this is my home dashboard with some notes on it. its actually taking shape nicely. even though i am not much of a dashboard person ...i can already see what it will look like when i get everything migrated over :slight_smile:

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How are you getting the Storm Team 5 displays on your tiles? Doesn't look like a typical URL...

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They are just links...working out great too. They update whenever the images change.

7-day forecast:





Thank you! Exactly what I needed to know :smile:. Now I need to track down the right images for my area...

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I have missed something obvious here, but I see that some of you are referencing other dashboards from within a dashboard which I assume you click on to take you straight there.
I cannot seem to find how to do this.
Appreciate some guidance if possible.

EDIT: Ignore the above, just found it.

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@bptworld How did you get your personal weather station working on dashboard? are you using a Bloomsky?

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I use to have Bloomsky, it only lasted a year. I now have an AcuRite Pro Weather Center. Basically any station will work though. Doesn't even have to be yours. Just any station that's on Weather Underground. All you need is the station ID and a Virtual Device using the 'Custom WU Driver'.

Setup the device with your API key and then in the Zipcode/Location box put in the station id like this:

Then within HE Dashboard, use the attributes command to display whichever one you want.

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@patrick I am mostly using a modified SmartTiles dashboard. While I find the Hubitat dashboards useful, I mostly care about exceptions, especially at night and while on vacation:

  • What lights are on
  • What contacts are open
  • What is consuming power over X watts
  • What locks are unlocked
  • What device batteries are under X percent

I have SmartTiles using all 120+ devices on my hub and I modified the code to only show me devices that meet specific criteria. So really less than 10 devices usually show up on the dashboard and since it is interactive, I can turn off lights that shouldn't be on.

It would be great if you would consider such a feature in a future version of the Hubitat dashboard app. I would have used it if I had access to modify the source code :wink: But given that tiles in the Hubitat dashboard are hard coded to X and Y coordinates, I understand this would be more complex to implement. But it would be nice if there was a filter in the tile options to designate whether to only show it if state equals or is greater/less than a certain value.


Very nice! Do you have any idea how I would find links for my particular area?

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