Should I upgrade from C5 to C7?

My C5 is working great. Is there any real advantage to getting a C7 and going through the upgrade?

My opinion:
Only if there is some feature or capability of version 7 Z-Wave that you need/want. Otherwise the C-5 has similar capabilities. I would try to hold out for C-8 (whenever that comes).


As soon as you buy one they will release a new version.
I am holding off as long as I can to upgrade my old C3 and maybe one of my C5 that has had issues.
But as soon as I do I know they will release a new version and it has been about 2-3 years since they released the C7. So they are about due for a new one.


Only if you have a large zwave network. There’s no difference on the zigbee side.


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