Should I make an app, or can RM, groups, and scenes handle this?

I'm debating whether to write a new app. I like writing apps, but I don't want to make something unnecessary. I have a hallway with a few dimmer switches down its length. I'd like something like Motion Lighting, so it turns on automatically when I enter, but I want the brightness to vary throughout the day. If it's the middle of the day, it can be 100%. Towards bedtime, it should be more like 25%. In the middle of the night, it should come on at 5%.

I can imagine building an app for this, but has anyone accomplished something similar with some combination of RM, Motion Lighting, Groups, or Scenes?

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I just use Motion Lighting App with different levels for different Modes. Day, Evening, Night, Dusk, Etc.

Oh, interesting. I had never looked at the per-mode settings in Motion Lighting. I don't currently use modes, so I should look into that. This might be exactly what I need.

I second the above advice. I have the following modes:

  • Morning
  • Day
  • Evening
  • Night
  • Cloudy

...and use Mode Manager to automatically switch between them based on sunrise/sunset times and time of day. Basically, Morning mode and evening modes are when it's dark enough and I want light in most rooms (they're pretty similar except Morning mode does not turn the lights on in my bedroom--I'll do that manually in the morning if/when I want them). Day mode is when it's light enough that most rooms are fine with natural lighting. Night mode is for sleeping--most lights don't turn on, except I do a dim red light in the hallway and bathroom (doesn't hurt my eyes or wake me up too much, while still letting me see). Cloudy mode is a relatively recent addition that I hope to automate some day but currently just manually turn on as an alternative to Evening mode on days when it gets dark early (stormy weather, clouds, etc.)--it's similar to evening mode but turns on a bit fewer lights that I don't really need until it's truly dark.

I don't use Mode Lighting/Motion Lighting (I wrote a custom app) but would definitely recommend starting there. Rule Machine could certainly also work and provides per-mode options for lots of things, but it's probably overkill for this, though of course that would give you the option to use time-based conditions (plus whatever complexity you want) if you're opposed to mode or already using this for something else (sounds like you aren't, though).

Good luck!

PS - there's also a default "away" mode that I kept but never use. You may find a use for this (and it certainly makes some apps like Thermostat Scheduler easier to use), but I don't find that it makes sense to conflate time and presence here. If someone breaks into my house when I'm away, by all means, I don't care if the lights come on. :laughing:

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Thanks for the insight. So far the only thing I've tried using Mode Manager for is toggling to a "Party Mode", where it doesn't start shutting the house down at 10pm. This'll be a new thing to explore.

Something like:

Based on these mode settings: