Should I keep my Nest account any more?

I've kind of lost track regarding the utility of retaining my Nest account anymore, vs. coverting it to a Google account.

I'm not using the Google SDM API integration by @dkilgore90, as I really only want/need Protect integration and that is not supported by Google in the SDM, and I see no signs that it will be any time soon, if ever.

So does it really matter if my account is a Nest account, or if I migrate it to a Google account?

I did the "conversion" some time ago, and of course your nest account remains usable out of necessity for accessing the Protect smoke alarms and also for full features of the Nest doorbell etc. I think the only drawback to the conversion process is you can no longer add people to the Nest account, so if there is anyone in your family you want to share control of the Protects with, add them before converting.

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