Should I bother suppressing no-op actions?

I'm slowly adding more and more automation rules and wondering if it is worth suppressing actions that have no effect, like sending "Switch On" when the switch is already on. Is it worth guarding all of those behind conditional rules in RM? Does that save Z-Wave network traffic? Is the savings anything meaningful?

Example rule:

I could add two more conditions to only do the on or off if the lights are not already on or off.

I can't answer the question regarding the impact of additional Z-Wave traffic. My feeling it would not be a problem

To your question, I would ask myself how often is it likely to happen. Unless it happens nearly every time the rules runs I believe there will be little to no impact.

in my opinion (presuming that all your devices update correctly), that yes it is worth the effort.
It will be particularly evident with rules that contain many devices.


Sounds good, I'll go back and tweak rules :slight_smile:


I guess I was wrong. Apparently my logic wasn't valid. I'll be more careful in the future.

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