Should freemem be dropping by itself?

I have C7 hub. Recently i started logging the freemem. I see that over time, it slowly keeps on dropping. In the graph shown below, you will see that a reboot, frees up all memory to normal levels, but then it again begins to drop.

Over time some drop is normal, the rate will vary depending on your application mix - for me the biggest leak appears to be websockets closing unepxectedly (Amazon issue right now.)


I know the strong recommendation in this forum that we should not normally need you reboot the hub, and instead try to fix the root cause. Is this situation of mine something which seems like a problem warranting further investigation?

In parallel, is there an app which can reboot the hub on night, if freemen falls too low (I know this might be possible by making a new rule, but perhaps an existing light weight app has already solved this need)?

Here is a simple app to do this:

Aother way to do this would be a simple rule that would, at the desired time, just issue an actuator command on the user contributed device by Dominick Meglio (@dman2306), Hubitat Hub Controller. That way, you could have a test of an appropriate free memory attribute from @thebearmay’s Hub Information device.

All of these can be installed by Hubitat Package Manager. I don’t use Hub Controller to reboot, but instead use it to shut down my hub on power fail.

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WHat is your definition of "over time"? I did a reboot, and the freemem went up as expected, but the below graph shows last 5 days drop:

That's normal and if you don't reboot it will eventually level out. Here's one of my hubs for the last 30 days. I'm in the beta group so this hub gets rebooted frequently.

Depending on your application mix that doesn’t look outside the norm. You may want to look the cliff type drops to see if you can ascertain what was occurring at that time.

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