Shipping costs

Was about to order the europe hub since its back in stock, the only option is dhl express for me which is 40 dollars. thats seems like a lot for such a small box

Will there be any shipping options added any time soon that might be cheaper?


Alright, 5 days seems enough of a wait, guess ill buy when it show up at a local retailer or something.
or more likely buy something else instead. thanks for the support :+1:: :

They’re also available at vesternet, and there’s a European reseller on eBay that offers a standard warranty as well.

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Perhaps you'd like to consider this offer Hubitat Elevation Hub C-7 EU/UK version - Smart Home Control and Automation 860453001807 | eBay


Thanks for replying guys

thanks for the links and tips,
Im not in UK so ill try and see if can replace that plug with a normal one if i end up buying it.

Still though i would like to buy it on the official site if had more then just the 40 euro shipping deal
im fine with waiting longer if it means shipping is 15 bucks instead, i dont need the express service or w/e it is thats causing it to be so expensive for such a little box.

Perhaps this has something to do with it. This is from the OP of the thread that announced C7 hub has become available.

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Also the reason you haven’t gotten a well-informed answer to your question here (“why is shipping to my country so expensive?”) might be as simple as, the sales/order team probably doesn’t monitor this forum.

An email to might be the best way to get the response you’re looking for.

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great, but i have no choice, I only get DHL express option and nothing else so if i would want to use the offical site to buy then it costs me 40 euro just for shipping, and that is still without the import tax.

I i could pick postal and it says i have to wait 3 weeks im fine with that if it doesnt cost 40 bucks

Maybe they should

:man_shrugging: This is mostly a user community, though some hubitat staff participate in some threads, and their tech support can usually be tagged when you reach out here as well.

I'm simply suggesting how to reach the orders staff. They have an email address.