Shelly I4

I know it doesn't have an official integration,
But has anyone been able to add the shelly i4 to their hubitat system? Or does someone know of a similar device I could use. A scene control relay of some kind?

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Did you ever find any driver code for the Shelly i4?

I'm having the same frustration

I don't own any of these and I am not familiar with them. Many of the Shelly are natively supported, did you attempt to join it? Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation

Did anything happen when you did so? Or is it not working properly or missing a function when joined?

I haven't. I'm considering setting up home kit and using home ridge or something to try that. Or even home assistant and using the integration.

I've tried a variety of the Shelly Hubitat driver code and added my Shelly i4 with its IP address but nothing seems to work. I might end up ditching the device at this point.

I don't believe it's a officially supportive device as of now. It's not on the hubitat compatibility list.
I was hoping someone had custom drivers or maybe a method using node red or something along those lines.

Luckily I have enough shelly dimmers in the right spits it works for me. But I'm frustrated as well. I'd love for it to integrate with hubitat it would solve so many random issues for me

I suspect frustration is a key word a LOT of people like myself would use.

I'm fairly savy with tech, and thought was on the right track with a range of shelly devices and a hubitat to allow local no frills control. But after ripping my hair out over a few nights. I literally got on the alexa app and punched in what I needed to do supper piss easy! only techy stuff in my mind was to go into the shelly firm ware setting on the app to change how it reacts to physical switches, then alexa did the additional automation!

I literally only have a shelly plus 1 turn some porch lights ON/OFF at sunset/sunrise on hubitat lol! I hope with some practice and the right drivers to become available, i can eventually move everything across but wont hold my breath.

One last thing that really stumpt me was trying to integrate a physical switch action with a shelly relay to cause a 'reaction' anyway I've gotten into a little rant here.


Is this Shelly I4 device on your radar?

it could be

Is that a subtle hint or a possible offer? :sweat_smile:

its an interesting looking device, I imagine we'll support it at some point, I just can't say when right now.

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