Shelly Dimmers not going to zero in RM

OK, so from the lamp device page (child, as it is the only one with set level), I opened the device logs in another window (cntl-click). I then set the level in the device page to (0), click the button, and nothing.

I View the device log I opened in the previous step and it is only populated with info from the sunset ramp-up to 50% - nothing further. The logging shows as being on "device 5". No error is present, no event, last entry was at 2022-06-14 20:10:54.261 when it reached the target 50%. I even went back to the device page and deleted/retyped the level to (0) and clicked the button again = still nothing and no new log at all.

I also went to the logs from the main sidebar menu (live logs, ) and there I see two errors for "Device 4" Tiffany lamp. Same error: Exception when sending: status code: 400, reason phrase: Bad Request. Please check your device settings.

Hope this helps, still learning the nomenclature for the various areas of this(these) environment(s).

This will be fixed in the next 2.3.2 release.

Would that be which was apparently dropped this morning?

this fix isn't in

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FYI update, the latest firmware corrected this beautifully!

Apparently, the Hubitat crew ROCKS!

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