Shelly Device Handlers for Hubitat

One inconsistensy/error is present in the driver related to the window shade:
Driver sets windowShade attribute value directly from the device report. But device has state 'stopped' that should be mapped to 'partially open' as listed in the attribute enumeration.

Not sure if this one can be the cause. Will fix it shortly.

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I'm new to the forum. I have 4 x Shelly 1's that work well with the HE system driver.

I've just added a Shelly Plus 1 and I noticed that no child device (switch) is created. I've read this thread which is great and downloaded the Switch Relay Driver 3.0.10. I can see new attributes in the parent device when it is polled, but alas no child device.

Can someone steer me in the right direction please?

I found a clue in the Shelly Technical Documentation. By running /rpc/shelly.getdeviceinfo, I get a JSON returned that contains:

"name": null,
"id": "shellyplus1-441793d6xxxx",
"mac": "441793D6xxxx",
"slot": 0,
"model": "SNSW-001X16EU",
"gen": 2,
"fw_id": "20231219-133950/1.1.0-g34b5d4f",
"ver": "1.1.0",
"app": "Plus1",
"auth_en": false,
"auth_domain": null

I note that the Shelly Switch Relay driver code doesn't contain a code for this model? Does that mean that this driver doesn't support Shelly Plus 1 and if so, is there another driver or resource that might help me?


The one that has version 3.0.10 is the driver for Gen 1 devices. I can't say if it will work with your Gen 2 device. Some Gen 2 devices have a bit of backward compatibility.

The driver in the PLUS subfolder should be a better choice (version 1.0.2).

All those drivers have no 'child device' functionality and operate as an instance-per-component. I.e. if for example you have dual channel device you'll need to install 2 device instances specifying channel id for each of them. In your specific case you have a single channel device, So you need only a single instance of the driver.

The one with child devices is a different driver from different repository, and it's referenced in the thread later.

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Did you try this driver?

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Thanks for the detailed reply Dmitry - I'll take a look.

I have had success (simply turn on/off the relay) using the ShellyPlus Generic driver from Sebastian Yepes:

Thanks Bruno, I'll check it out.

I'm starting to use Hubitat Package Manager and realising that there are many contributors that aren't in the HPM list of repos.

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This is quite nice clean code driver.

It's is not as generic as the one that Bruno had referenced as it is specialized for 2-channel devices. And it is poll-based so if device changes it's state by some external event/condition it will not report immediately but only after poll interval.

The main drawback is that only a first channel for dual-channel devices is available to dashboard due to the use of on/off default value for the channel index - dashboard cannot provide channel index. And RM will require custom actions to do that.

This driver is Gen 2+ and has no channel limitations. Child devices spawn accordingly. (no addons support yet)
It has live event stream from device so it gets events instantly (like button/switch interactions).
There is unbound input support (including "Button Controller" application compatibility) and script interaction support.
With Shelly scripts you can do additonal dashboard tiles with custom information and virtual actions (scripts are presented as virtual switches with start/stop = on/off and few attributes for getting events back)
Allows to adjust voltage/amperage/etc thresholds per child device to avoid event spam and adjust to any specific case accordingly - Shellies with live event stream open can be quite chatty.

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Driver is updated:

Added 'em1' component experimental support (Shelly Pro EM and Shelly Pro EM3 in monophase profile mode; some 'mini' devices also fit here)
Fixed 'cover' component mapping for 'stopped'/'partially open' state.

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