Shelly 1 with a button

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just a short question for my understanding. I'm planing to use a Shelly 1 for a little project of mine (DIY smart coffee maker). For this, I'm planing to connect the Shelly with a button, because I love the possibility of being able to use everything, even if my WiFi is down. So far so good. I know, that Shelly, as long as everything works properly, doesn't care in which position it is at the moment, meaning it doesn't matter if the interconnected button is in its "on" or "off" state. The problem I have right now are the dozens of types of buttons and how they might affect my device, if the WiFi is down. There are off/on, on/off, off/(on), on/(off) and so on and so forth. It is still a relay and the state shouldn't have an influence, even with WiFi down, but I'm not sure. Could someone give me a little feedback on that? :slight_smile:

The relay will work regardless of the position of the switch. It may be out of synch with the switch at times because of that, but will work.

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That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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