Shelly 1 External Switch Status Export

Hey guys,

I've recently installed a Shelly 1 switch in my garage door, with a magnetic sensor able to read the status of the door (Open/Closed). It is currently directly connected to Google Home (does not go through HE) and it connects as a remote (ON for 1s, then OFF, in order to toggle the command, there is no OPEN command or CLOSE command)

However, this status is only shown inside the Shelly app, I can't seem to find a way to export it to any other platform (HE or GH). I would like to be able to say "What is the status of the Garage Door?" and get a "OPEN/CLOSED" response, or be able to say "Open the garage" and the system will ignore me if that is already the current status of the switch.

Has anyone been able to pull this off yet?

Thanks for your help

In order to do what you are looking to do, you will need have both your open/close sensor and the Shelley 1 in Hubitat.

Then the ideal approach is to use an app to link the two into a garage door device.

If you are familiar with the Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), you can search for Garage door within it. I use “LGK Virtual Garage door” for this purpose.

Once that is done, you will most likely need to setup commands within Google that triggers the open / close commands.

You may need to setup a Rule Machine rule to then have the status of the door announced via Google Home. My self and others will be able to help with that if you get stuck as it will require a few steps to complete.


Hey Sebastien,

thanks very much for your reply, and apologies for the delay in mine, I didn't get a notification on my email.

I have read up a bit on this matter on another thread Shelly Device Handlers for Hubitat - #232 by jihadd76

I'm guessing at this stage, it is already safe to use the HE built-in drivers with Shelly1.

I'm not familiar with Hubitat Package Manager, but I will look into it. I've mainly stuck with RuleMachine and Groups and Scenes, I haven't needed anything to complicated yet on my network.

Most importantly, is being able to have Shelly1 and the External Reed Sensor registered in HE, so that it can poll the device every x mins so it can check "if Open >3m then Close".

I'll give it a go by adding it directly to HE and then look into the HPM for further configuration. If I have any trouble, I'll be sure to update this thread.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


please go to this thread ,all explained there about ext_switch

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