Sharptools tracking

I just recently signed up for a Sharptools account trying to play around with their dashboards, and I am noticing a lot of cross-site tracking calls their tools make to Google Analytics, Facebook and other sites.

Is anyone else concerned about this? Why is this necessary, especially considering that most of us are trying to get away from centralized, cloud-based surveillance, it seems like sharptools is pushing us backwards.

Have they addressed this issue at all in public?


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As your screenshot shows, many modern browsers like Firefox, Brave, Safari, etc. have features for blocking cross-site tracking. And on many of these browsers, it's standard configuration for blocking to be enabled. While these features aren't required for using SharpTools, we have them in place on some pages to help with advertising. This enables us to do things like know which ads or emails led to people registering or upgrading to premium.

It's important to note that these do not send over any information about your smart home, locations, devices, or anything of that nature.

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