SharpTools - Security Questions

If I was to integrate Sharp Tools for the dashboards, would I not be opening myself up to hacking when I am away or opening up a security hole in my home away statuses? Just a question from a newbie to all of this.
One of the reasons I moved from SmartThings to Hubitat was to remove the cloud contingency.

Appreciate any opinions.

Do you mean If so, I guess any cloud service carries some risk. If you want to eliminate that, you can stick to Hubitat Dashboard and disable the cloud links (it can do local or cloud serving, and you could even VPN to the local link if you want remote control, which might be the safest but least convenient option). That being said, requires a login (some dashboards just require having the URL that includes all the necessary authorization), uses HTTPS, and you can add optional PIN protection to specific tiles if you want. I use because I think the first two mitigate enough risk for me (the third is really just something helpful for always-on wall-mounted tablets and similar at home) but only you can make the decision for yourself. :slight_smile:

It's probably comparable to ST in this regard, though Hubitat caches far less (no?) data in the cloud. I'm not sure how much SharpTools itself does.


Thanks appreciate the feedback and yes I meant SharpTools

I use SharpTools, and am not too worried about it. I do PIN protect critical tiles, but that is more to protect me from errant clicks than it is for hacker prevention.

I'm sure @josh could expound some more on the security features of the platform if needed.

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Yes, is a secure way of setting up dashboards for Hubitat. :smiley:

@bertabcd1234 did a good job covering things, but I'm happy to answer any additional questions. The integration approach SharpTools uses is similar to that used by Alexa, Google Home, or other external integrations.

And thanks for tagging me, @JasonJoelOld!

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