Shared Mesh? Do Zwave / Zigbee devices share the mesh with other devices across different hubs

I was wondering how Zwave / Zigbee devices work when there are multiple hubs. For example, if you have say 3 Hubitat Hubs, and there are devices on each hub. Are the all devices on all 3 hubs actually benefiting from the Zwave mesh from all other devices in the area? Or does the mesh for devices have to be from devices originating from the hub where the device is controlled from. And if it does benefit, what about other manufactures, like a SmartThings hub?

Each Hubitat hub has its own Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh. They are independent of each other.

Each hub’s devices can be shared between hubs using the Hub Mesh app which has nothing to do with Z-wave or Zigbee meshes.


ok I thought so thank you