Shades & Google Home

I installed a ThirdReality shade and it works fine in Hubitat. When i try to add it to Google Home using the integration app it gets rejected, (unchecked).

GH won't pick up shades/blinds. I use 2 virtual momentary switches (1 for open, 1 for closed) to bring my 3R shades into GH.

GH will integrate them, maybe just not with the built-in integration. The community integration added them no problem.

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I tried the GH community integration, but I never got it working. Not sure if it's because my Google account is a paid Workspaces account or what. (Seems weird, but Workspace features often lag behind regular Gmail accounts.)

Did you post on the thread for it? The dev is super helpful.

I didn't yet. It wasn't a high priority when I tried it, so I wanted to be sure looked at it again before I reach out. I think I used a virtual device and a webCoRE piston to control the shades to mimic the device. That's what I do for other stuff that Google can't do, too (locks!).

Yep, it's definitely a "pick your poison" type deal. I went the community route early on and just stuck with it not realizing, until reading a bunch of posts like this one, how limited the default integration can be (not knocking the Hubitat team, I'm sure there's a reason for it).

I suspect it was a case of timing. I think early on the device types GH would allow was pretty limited, so HE could only support what GH supported at the time. I believe GH has moved on since and potentially allows more device types now. It may just be a case of requesting the built-in HE integration to be expanded, but no guarantees I am correct in my assessment.

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