Shade / Blind - Comprehensive understanding of the meaning of commands

Hello All - I am trying to find some documentation that will give me a comprehensive understanding of the meaning of all these options available for the blind setup...

I have a couple of blinds ( Smartwings + Ikea), but for the sake of my mental health, I am sticking to the generic Zigbee driver.... for now until I understand the differences of these parameters. Anyone know where I could find some documentation ? Lots of discussion on this community, but most focus on specific details... at least, I didn’t find any....

For example below, the shade is marked closed ( while it is open) ... anyhow not sure I follow even if I play with the parameters... results are not coherent with my understanding ( or lack of).

Thanks for your help.


[Edited] My observations : Not all driver that implement the Position Changes behave the same :

  1. Start Position Change - Start the Blind motor in either the Open or Closed position from the current position. I dont see a lot of difference in this or the Open / close command personnally.

  2. Stop Position change - will force a stop wether the blind is opening or closing.

  3. Travel direction - If reverse ... the open will become a close and vice versa - The set position % will be the 1's complement.

open and close traverse to 100 and 0 respectively, startPosition and stop are used to start and then stop the movement prior to reaching the 0 and 100 limits.
So yes, depending on the actual device implementation startPosition could be thought of as a proxy for open/close.