Setting up leak detectors

I just got 6 of the Smartthings leak detectors, as they are reported as working with Hubitat.

I'd like to get email/text/notified of a leak. What is the best/suggested way to hook these up? I assume it is in Safety Monitor app. when I played with it a bit, it wanted a device to notify, how do I add my cell phone as a device?

Links to helps are welcomed as well, new to the whole home automation, but not computers/electronics. Spent the last 25 years designing and building cpus, cell phones, routers, electronics, etc. Now I design software to make cpus, routers, cell phones, etc.


You have a few choices:

  1. Install the Hubitat app on your phone. When you set it up for the first time, a device will be created on your Hubitat that you can use for notifications.
  2. Install the Pushover app on your phone and use the Hubitat Pushover integration.
  3. Install the Hubitat Twilio integration and receive SMS on your phone.

There are also community integrations that permit you to receive email and SMS on your phone via an email-to-sms gateway. The one I know of requires a computer that runs sendmail and nodeJs.

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I have mine setup in safety monitor...

I set up a simple rule to send me a notification when water is detected on a sensor. After I set up the Dome Shutoff Valve this weekend, moisture will also trigger whole home water shutoff.

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I got all the sensors paired and reporting temp/water.

I installed the Hubitat app on my phone. I see the device name on the phone, but not on my hub. In the HSM I setup text messages, but it didn't ask for a device this time.

I wet the contacts and an alarm was triggered, but I got no notification on my phone. I'm obviously missing something.


I use the Hubitat mobile app for most notifications, however, for the more serious notifications like water leaks, smoke detectors, home alarm, etc. I send a SMS message through Twilio and then have my phone setup to override my ringer settings when it receives an SMS from that Twilio phone number so that, even if my phone is on silent or vibration, it would still make an audible notification to alert me of a serious time sensitive issue.

I think I'm also more likely to receive a SMS message vs a Hubitat Notification if I am outside of an LTE, 4G, 3G etc, area.

Don't ask me how to setup Twilio though... I had to have my neighbor, who's a software engineer to come over for a free beer and help me set it up...

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I don't get this page:

So I can't enter a device. this is the only page I get:

I've uninstalled, reinstalled several times.


Did you install and login to the hubitat app on your phone?


I just logged out and back into the app and it says it couldn't find a mobile presence device, create one? I said yes.

Looks like it recreated the one from before (I had changed the name), but now I see it on my hub as a device. It wasn't there before.

Still don't see an option to set it as my device in HSM.


hmm.. That’s how it is supposed to work

That is the one I'm using, but without the nodeJs. That wasn't installed on my PI (well, not really a PI, but Odroid64 -- similar enough) and I didn't want to mess with trying to figure it out. I wrote a very simple python based backend which works fine. Not as many bells and whistles, but enough for my needs. And it doesn't use sendmail either, but connects directly to the SMTP server that my cell phone uses. I'd be happy to share it if anyone wants it. It is 74 lines of python.

I got it working. I removed HSM like before, but this time I create a notification using the Notification app. This presented me with my cell phone. I then added HSM back, and when setting up the water alerts it asked about the device.


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I've used Pushover for notifications with water sensors. Cost is a one time charge of , i believe $4.99. Works great with Hubitat which has a its own Pushover app. Its worked great with all my Hubitat notifications. I use the Hubitat safety monitor app which has a water sensor section. I then choose Pushover and tested it out and works great. After I mastered that, i included it in Alexa with a rule, so if I'm sleeping Alexa will announce a water leak GOD FORBID lolo.

Curious, how did you do the Alexa rule?
As a TTS or something else?

First I made a Virtual device contact sensor which Alexa can see after I added it into the Hubitat Echo skill app - then I made TWO rules

  1. I called Water leak Alexa notification:

  2. I had to make a rule to reset the contact sensor once it was activated so it could work again because once opened it would stay opened and therefore couldn't be triggered again

Once the virtual contact sensor was made and the two rules done, I then went into my Alexa app under devices, found the Water sensor Virtual contact sensor, clicked on create a routine and made a routine when the contact sensor was open to say "water leak has been detected" and choose the Echo speaker you want it to say from.

Hope that helps

Awesome, thank you.
Is there a particular reason you did that instead of a Rule to "Speak"?

For example, I have this set up directly in HSM

Reason I didn't use the "speak" rule was , unfortunately I don't have a Sonos or any other audio devices that Hubitat works with so I had to go to the round about route lolo and configure with Alexa

@tony3286 Setup Echo Speaks in hubitat and you will be able to use your Echo devices directly from hubitat.

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Wow didn't know Hubitat could recognize Echo Dot as a speaker. How is that done?