Setting system time

I think the Hubitat system time is off.

02/04/2018 4:38 AM

What’s what it’s showing right now when I look at events.

Here’s a location event BTW I’m on Eastern time.

Name Description Value Event Type Date
mode Home is now in Night mode Night LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE 02/04/2018 3:35 AM

It sets the time zone based on the zip code entered on the location settings page.

Not very well then :wink:

Probably needs to be rebooted after the update and reboot for NTP to kick in. Otherwise the clock skew might be too great and NTP won't correct it.

My was off until I got the correct Latitude and Longitude once I put that it corrected the clock etc.

I put the LONG/LAT in myself from data I pulled from google maps.