Setting non-dimmer, non-color attributes on lights?

I've been playing with my new Hubitat for a few months now, having a lot of fun!

I am a fan of glitzy 'wall bling' fixtures like the Lifx Beam that have lots of extra features for animations. Wiz bulbs and Govee strips/etc also have these, supported by Hubitat drivers.

I can do some things that I cannot do in the Lifx app, like setting the chase directions and speeds on different Beam strips to different values, which I just can't do in the Lifx app, and that's great!

My stumbling block is that I can't find a way to put those attributes into a scene or rule. If I manually set a chase running and then only ever dim or turn on/off the Beam, it will continue running, but if I say turn the strip another color with a scene, the only way to get back the multi-segmented patterns and chase is to pull out the Lifx phone app (for the patterns) and manually change the device settings in Hubitat to turn the chase effect back on.

Similarly the Wiz bulbs have animated effects like 'candle flicker' which are fun. I can see them in the device settings but can't find a way to save them in a scene. If I take a snapshot they are not captured.

I have a feeling this is super obvious! Any tips are very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I don't have Lifx bulbs, but have you tried Custom Actions in Rule Machine?

Here's an example using a Hue Bulb...

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To add to the above, scenes only capture switch state (on/off), dimmer level, and color or color temperature--as you've probably noticed. To get things like effects, you'll need something else, with the above being one option (how to "trigger" such a rule is a different story, but one option is a virtual device you just use for that rule, or the "push this button when scene activated" in Groups and Scenes, and you could trigger that rule from the button push, using a virtual button for this purpose...or a variety of other options).

I don't have any LIFX on my hub at the moment, but I assume the stock drivers use Hubitat's standard "light effects" capability that, while standard, is little used, and I think you'll need a custom command like above to do it in RM (e.g., setEffect(1) or whatnot). The community WiZ driver might do the same. I suppose custom vs. standard doesn't even matter since RM (and most apps) don't provide a way to use the standard effect commands directly anyway as far as I recall...

All that being said, capturing and restoring effects as part of a Scene seems like an interesting feature request. Doesn't seem impossible to me (though some people don't like the number-to-name matching and I think have reported that it can change for lights that don't have a static set of effects--the biggest possible problem I can think of), but if it can or will happen, I can't say. :smiley:

Thank you! That opens up a lot, very helpful!

The 'Effect' parameter on the LIFX beams takes three arguements, 'Type' (MOVE or OFF), direction (forward or reverse) and then a numeric speed. I'm not immediately capable of putting all of those in, but I'm looking in the right place now.

...and this is SO trivial. But I love tacky lights. <3