Setting event alert threshold from driver?

Evening all!

In firmware 2.3.0 this was included:

  • Added editable per-device "too many events" alert threshold.

Is it possible to set this threshold from the driver? The AlertMe / Iris V1 devices (particularly the SmartPlugs) are very chatty and need this bumping up to 500 to avoid generating false positive alerts.

Should be down at the bottom of the device page

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Sorry, I mean from the driver itself, not manually by the end user. :slight_smile:

TTBMK no. Should be a rare instance when you need to override, i.e. 1-5 chatty devices.

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Well, I guess that depends on how many you have... I need to go and manually adjust this for forty-something AlertMe / Iris V1 devices. :confused:

Even the motion sensors trip the threshold occasionally and it would be nice to offer my drivers without a guarantee of device alerts out of the box. :slight_smile:

There is an endpoint to set ALL devices higher, would that work?

But I am surprised you are seeing that those limits are too low, I have quite a few Iris V1 sensors (none of their smart plugs though) and I don't see that behavior.

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Yes, that would be a big help seeing as I've got a hub dedicated to AlertMe gear. Could you point me in the right direction?

It's really the smart plugs that love to chat - or at least the SPG100 and SPG900 models here in the UK. They send so much information, which is one of the reasons I think they're great, but it has led to alerts like this before.

Once I accidentally turned info, debug and trace logging on for all of them when I was developing the driver. The hub... well, it didn't like it! :joy:

They do have a quiet mode, but sadly it's so quiet they won't even report on or off any more, so it's effectively useless.

Erm, @mike.maxwell - would you happen to know if there's a way to set this "too many events alert threshold" from a custom driver?



there isn't currently

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Thanks! My search can cease... could you consider this a feature request for an upcoming version, please? :slight_smile:

Hello again @mike.maxwell!

Might the ability to set this threshold appeared in the latest release, by any chance? :slight_smile:

We don't have any current plans for this feature.

Is there an official means of requesting it?

Obviously it's not a high-priority thing, but it seems that a driver author would have a good idea of the normal rate of events from a device. Therefore it would be nice to be able to set that rate upon driver configuration, rather than bother the user unnecessarily with warnings and then expect them to do it manually for each device.

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