Setting correct mode

Trying to figure out if I can do this. My mom comes over from time to time and will stay at my house for a few hours. Well if no one is home the heat is set low. I want to be able to adjust the mode based on time when someone unlocked the door with a code.

If Lock is unlocked by code
Disable HMS
Set mode to xxx

Mode could be day, night, evening. This would be based in the time of day.

The part I'm trying to figure out is setting mode. How can I tell HE to set the correct mode?

First of all, set up your modes with Mode Manager using times of day. There you can add a switch to return from Away, and select the option for Use Time Settings for return from Away. Then, in your rule triggered by the unlock code, you flip that virtual switch, and that will set the mode based on the time of day.


Good idea. I've already have Mode Manager setup with time. I created a virtual switch call Mode Switch.

Like this?



The only thing I had to add to the rule was a wait 10 second and turn off mode switch.

You could edit the switch in the device to automatically turn off after a certain time and remove this from RM. we do this quite a bit with our virtual switches.

@buzz. Wasn't aware we could do this. I now had the Switch automatically tuning off and have removed the OFF action in the RM Rule.

Thanks for the tip.

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