Setting a scene based on sunset limited

When setting up a scene I'm trying to do it based on

  • start time is: sunset -90min
  • stop time is a specific time... say 11:00pm.

As soon as I set the start time is "sunset" the option for off only include "also turn off at sunrise". Seems like turning off at a specific time should be possible without having to go to another rule or scene. Am I missing something?

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Sounds like you're using simple lighting? If you want a more granular response in one rule, then you would need to use rule machine. That will do what you want it to do. otherwise make two simple lighting rules. one for on and another for off. They'll work fine in separate rules.

Simple lighting does support sunrise and a specific off time. What he's choosing is to trigger it by Sunset, which is fine, but to turn it off at a specific time, you want to also expand the section below under restrictions and set "Only between two times". Set the start to be Sunset -90 and the end to be 11pm.

I think :thinking: Hmm, actually not sure. The logic of restrictions might only work to limit the trigger, which would then make it invalid for restricting Sunset as a trigger. You'll have to try that one out @bikesquid and see if it works.

That would only limit the trigger. It only gives an option to turn off at sunrise if he's chosen sunset. The only correct way to do it would be in rule manager or with two simple lighting rules. One for on and the other for off.


So glad I found this, i was just about to post almost the same exact question!


Same here.
Shouldn't be a hard update.
For instance, I want some of my outside lights to go on at sunset, but not stay on all night.

Like my front porch light. I'd like it to turn off at 11pm, not sunrise. Seems like a pretty odd limitation to the Simple Lighting. Its meant to do simple scheduling of lights. When to turn it on, when to turn it off.

I find the HE staff are great at trying to be responsive... except for this sort of request. I suspect it falls outside the programmer's concept for 'simple' lighting.... but IDK.

I can't seem to use simple lighting for much at all (nothing actually) due to these sorts of limitations. To be fair I don't know what's going on under the hood, and maybe there are some limitations I don't understand.

There are many of these sorts of dead ends where something looks like it'll work, but the pull down doesn't give me the option I need because of some earlier selection I've made. In the end I end up using RM for almost everything which is a drag but at least it exists.

I would love to see this 'fixed' it'd make simple lighting take care of most of my rule machine things.

Has someone made a formal request for this enhancement?

In an overly simple workaround, I just created 2 rules. One rule turns it on. Another rule turns it off. Still seems silly, but at least there's an easy and effective way to accomplish the same goal. (Doesnt help me learn how to build more complicated rules, tho)

So I have 3 separate 1-action rules for the hall light. Turn on at 25% 30 mins before sunset. Second rule: go to 5% at 830. Third rule: turn off 9am.

Just saw this while trying to do a "on at sunset" and "Off" at a specific time event. Simple lighting should have this simple option instead of having to create 2 separate rules.

+1 to the suggestion box for HE.

Another option would be for them to add nested simple lighting commands. Kinda the same thing but it would keep the rules stacked together on the apps panel. Until then, Simple lighting may be too simple to be useful for me. Off to RM.

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