Setting a bulb to a particular colour etc when it is turned on

Hey all,

Really basic one from me today...

I have a Zigbee RGBW bulb that's on a standard UK lightswitch, in a room that has no voice assistant.

We cannot change the light switch for a smart one, and we do not want to have our phones active in that space to control the light.

Is there any way to have the bulb re-initialise with a particular setting when it is turned on at the physical switch?

I want to be able to dim it at certain times and possibly even change the colour from outside the room, but if I turn it off at the switch and then back on a few hours later from the same switch then it should be white and at a particular temperature.

Is this possible?

I have both RuleMachine and WebCore active if rules are needed :slight_smile:

Should be able to use the bulb on event to trigger a rule or piston to set colour, etc.

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Even if the bulb isn't switched on by Hubitat? Thanks, I'll give it a go.

The bulb would need to send an "off" event when power was removed, which means it would have to store enough energy to send one final signal before it shut down. And the bulb would need to send a "on" event when it powered up, assuming the bulb turned on when it is powered up, or it goes back to its prior state at power up AND the bulb was on when power was cut.

If your bulb does this, or you can find one that does, you should be able to set up a rule to do what you want. I doubt you're going to find such a bulb though. As a general rule, automation of a device requires that the device always be powered on.

If you can't change the light switch, could you put something over it so it can't be turned off, and then use something like a Zooz Zen34 for a local switch? I've used a few of these and they work great.

The light switch is being replaced with a dual smart switch in the next 6 months anyway, basically what's happened is that the main bulb in that fitting went this morning and the only spare bulb I had in the house was an Osram smart+ :roll_eyes:

I'll just leave it at full brightness for now, and use it as a dumb bulb until I can replace it with a smart switch.

Is there a nearby smart switch? One that supports taps. I have a double tap of my DR zooz switch toggling my addition lamp, and a triple tap cancels HSM alerts. You could use any button controller.

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