setClockTime is not setting thermostat time

I installed a Sinope TH1300ZB floor thermostat.

It discovered as a Zigbee device and initially defaulted to a different Sionope thermostat model so I changed it in the device type to "Sinope TH1300ZB Thermostat"

It is showing the correct temp and set point temps, and I can change the temp with RM rules fine.

I cannot get it to change the time. I've tried creating RM rules for custom actions to set the current time based on a global variable I set as a "Time" variable

Set CURRENTTIME to current time
setClockTime(CURRENTTIME(05:05 AM)) on Bathroom Floor Thermostat

I also tried passing in a hard coded string of 05:05 without the AM and that doesn't work either.

How do you use the setClockTime? I only found a couple threads and neither answered the question. But based on those posts I wrote the rules to set a global variable from the current time and pass that into the function as a way to keep the time updated and solve issues with DST.

Without the Sinope Gateway I don't see any other way to update the date on the device, and that can't be used to configure it without unpairing it from the Hubitat hub.

Then setClockTime is a custom command in the driver ui, it doesn't take any parameters and should update the thermostat to the current time of the hub.
Does the command work from the driver?

Okay, then. The issue I had then was my thinking from doing searches on setClockTime and only finding a couple threads of people trying to pass in parameters, and other systems that have a setClockTime function pass in parameters (usually H, M, S).

Because the clock was actually set correctly because I had configured it initially using a GT 1300 gateway it wasn't changing. I was trying to pass in a time that wasn't the real time as a way to see if it would actually change the device to know if my rules were working.

But if that covers it, I can just leave it I have a rule triggered at 2am every day to call setClockTime() on the thermostat so it will stay updated over time and for DST changes.

FYI, loving this Hubitat hub after moving from Wink after all these years and having outgrown that system.

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