Set outdoor lights to 100%, but only if the lights are already on, then return to original state after X time

I'm a relative newb to Hubitat, but I've successfully don't some automations with my outdoor lighting. For example, I have my driveway lights gradually increasing brightness to 100% over a period of time triggered by a sunset offset. And then the lights dim over a period of time to a set level, with sunset being the trigger. And then the lights will turn off as sunrise approaches. This is done with my Lutron dimmers.

These automations work really well to provide a fair amount of ambient light at the front of my house throughout the night, but without creating any light pollution (I'm in a heavily wooded area on several acres). However, one thing that's been annoying is when we're out front at night or have people over, the lights are sufficiently dim that it can be hard to see the driveway and such. So, what I want to do is use my Hue outdoor motion sensors to trigger an automation. Here's what I would like to happen, and despite my efforts to figure this out on my own, can't seem to get everything correct:

  1. If one of the two Hue outdoor motion detectors detects motion, AND the driveway lights are already on, set the lights to 100%.

  2. If no motion is detected after 5(?) minutes, return the driveway lights to the existing bright/dim automation state I mentioned above (previous state??).

I think that will accomplish lighting up the driveway in full when people are outside at night, but still keep the lights dim when there isn't any motion outside. Any help and recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

Here’s how I would do this in RM. Let me know if it helps!:

Required Action:
Driveway lights are on

Any Hue outdoor motion detectors detect motion

Capture Devices: Driveway Lights
Set lights to 100%
Wait for Event: no motion on hue for duration: 5 minutes
Restore Devices: Lights

To avoid the lights turning back on if the party ends after sunrise, you could also replace the last line by:
If time < sunrise then
Restore Devices: Driveway Lights
Off: Driveway Lights

I gave it a try and it does set the dimmers (and bulbs) to full brightness if motion is detected, but it won't restore the dimmers to the state they were in prior to the motion being detected. I'm quite sure I'm missing some key steps or something. Also, I wasn't sure how to setup the required action of the lights being on. Is that a condition for the automation or something? I don't want the lights coming on during the day, for example, if motion is detected.

Here are some screenshots:

You're not capturing the light level before you turn them up to 100. You should have a capture as the first action. See how the Restore is null? That's your clue that nothing was captured, so nothing can be restored.

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Shouldn't the Restore Devices be the same NAME as the Capture Devices?
IE Driveway lights vs. Lights are not the same thing?

When you select the Restore action, the name of the device that was captured is automatically entered. You can't change it.

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that's true! I forgot that little detail. Thanks.

To ensure that they are only set to 10´% when they are already on:

As mentioned by @jabecker and @pomonabill220 above, the « capture devices » action is necessary as the first step. The devices selected there will automatically be the ones restored afterwards.

I also notice you set a « timeout » on your wait action. It will need to be changed to « And stays » ». This command will ensure that the next one only happens if there is no motion for a total of X minutes. The timeout will force a move to the next action after the delay is reached, or after motion has stopped, which ever comes first,

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