Set Minimum Dimmer Level

Does anyone know if there is a way to set the minimum allowable level for a dimmer switch.

I have GE zwave dimmers and many times it looks like the lights are off but they are not. The dimmer is just set too low. A lot of LED bulbs won't turn on at a low dimmer level setting.

This depends on the dimmer. Some dimmers (Lutron, Leviton and others) have a configurable minimum level, others do not. There is nothing in the hub platform to support it specifically.

When your lights are controlled by automation apps, clearly the app can set the level as you require.

I just thought of a possible solution. With Smartthings I had a device driver that let me set the step level for my dimmers. If I can find a driver that allows me to do the same in Hubitat I could set the step level to 15%. I think that would solve my issue. I'll start looking to see whats out there.

You won't find a driver that does that in Hubitat. You could modify one, but there aren't any GE drivers that currently do that.

Interesting idea, though, to make a min turn-on level. I have many LEDs that need 5-10% minimum to turn on. Would be pretty easy.

Why not just modify the ST driver to work in HE, shouldn't be much changes needed.

What behavior are you looking for? If the dimmer is set below some level, turn it off?

I have six motion detectors throughout the house and some of them are in rooms that have dimmer switches. I also have rules set to turn these lights ON during the night if there is motion. The thing is that I only want the rule to run if the light switch is in the OFF state but sometimes the dimmers (for one reason or another) were physically set below the ON threshold of the LED lights. This could happen when you turn the lights OFF by pressing and holding the dimmer switch down until the lights go out. To the visual observer the lights are now OFF, but in reality the switch is still ON. So when rule machine evaluates the conditions it says the lights are ON and does nothing. The issue is how to keep this condition from happening besides putting instructions on the wall that says don't hold the dimmer down until the lights go out :slight_smile:

Below is one rule example example...

You could modify the rule to read something like this:

(Bathroom lights off
Bathroom lights level < 15)
Time between sunset and sunrise

This would allow your rule to run if the switch was either off or at least looked off.

You could also set up a rule to say that if the dimmer level drops below a certain number, go ahead and turn it off.


You could always do motion: true, time: true, level < X and then the true action is to set it to the level you want...


Beat me to it. :smile:


Haha...ok this is what I have now. Thanks for the help!

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Put some parenthesis around the two OR conditions in the rule. Might need to enable the "complex rule" input option.

What do the parenthesis do?

RM evaluates left to right. Without parens, if the first or second conditions are true the whole thing will be true without regard to the sunrise/sunset condition.


Thanks. I will use them from now on. Appreciate the advice.

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As a general rule of thumb, I never mix operators (AND/OR) without grouping them inside parenthesis.

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Can you tell me what that rule does? My brain really doesn’t work well with those logical operators that are used to build complex rules, so understanding how others do it is very helpful. Thanks!

I have 3 presence, my wife, and guest. Each person also has a virtual sleep switch.

That rule turns on the House Sleep switch (which triggers Night mode and shuts a bunch of stuff off) if everyone who is present is asleep. If someone is not present, the state of their sleep switch is ignored.

In plain English...if at least one person is home and each person who is home is asleep, turn on House Sleep.

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Cool thanks. How do you flip the virtual sleep switches?

For my wife and I, we each have a Pico on the nightstand. For guest, I have a tablet mounted in the kitchen, just outside the guest bedroom doors. The tablet displays a Hubitat dashboard with the virtual switch on it.

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