"Set Level" UI Bug?

On hue bulbs, when I type 4500 into the "Set Color Temperature" box and hit enter the CT immediately changes to the requested CT. I would expect that the same would be true for the "Set Level" text box. However, hitting enter after typing in the requested level does not change the dimming. You must move the mouse to the "Set Level" button and click it.

Is the enter button after typing in the "Set Level" box supposed to enact the change like the CT box does? Is this a UI bug?

Will this be fixed? Is there a better way to submit bugs?

Just found this thread somehow. :slight_smile: I can reproduce the behavior, but I'm not exactly sure if it's a bug--I think it has to do with a decision, perhaps accidental, that "Enter" works on one-argument fields but not on mutli-argument fields (setLevel() takes an optional second parameter, as you see). The admin UI isn't really intended for day-to-day control of devices; I'd recommend a Dashboard tile if you find youself doing this frequently. (There is also no way to "press" zero-agrument buttons with Enter, either--probably an unfortunate side-effect that these are non-semantic DIVs and Ps rather than As or perhaps LIs and As that might make more sense, but I digress--not really keyboard-friendly.)