Set Level issue with Sylvania Lightify PAR38 Indoor/Outdoor bulb

I just received two of these bulbs for indoor use. I have them set up for testing in a track within two feet of my hub. They paired easily and seem to turn on, off and dim. I have selected the Generic Zigbee Bulb type. I am, however, having a problem with Set Level.

It appears that if you send the bulb a level set command followed by an on command it fails if the level is the same as the previously set level. Here are some steps:

  1. Send the Off command
  2. Send the On command [bulb turns on]
  3. Send the Set Level command (to 50, let's say) [bulb goes to that level]
  4. Send the Off command [bulb turns off]
  5. Send the Set Level command [commands are sent but the bulb remains OFF, current state shows on]
  6. Change the level to something different and send the Set Level command [bulb goes to new level]
  7. Send the Off command [bulb turns off]
  8. Change the level to something different and send the Set Level command [bulb turns on to new level]

So, it seems that sending a turned-off bulb a Set Level to the same level it was last at, followed by an On causes the bulb to think it's on but to stay off. Sending just an On command, or changing the level, seems to work correctly.

Has something like this been seen before? Are there any suggested remedies? For now, I'll try to avoid the Set Level entirely, but I'm also looking at alternate solutions for track (there is an available Zigbee bulb with a GU10 base).

How can I find the firmware level of my bulb and whether an upgrade is available?


How i've found the bulbs to work is that if you use set level or set color temperature. When you set it, then it will turn on to that color or temperature. You can't pre-set the color. For instance if motion is active then set level at 50% or set color to blue, the action will carry that out at the time. the action of setting it will power it on.

April, thanks, but I don't think you've answered my question. My bulbs don't have color.

I'm using the Simple Lighting app to turn on/off lights with a motion sensor. If I select the option "Turn On & Set Level" it fails in the way I described. If I just use "Turn On" then it seems to work. I was originally using a Lutron Dimmer which works fine with Set Level. I think Turn On only will work for my use case, but it would be nice to be able to force a level in case the bulb had been set by hand at some point.

This is clearly broken, but it may be a fault of the bulb. I am looking for alternative bulbs as well.

Op yep. You're right. I didnt see that in your original question. Yah, I'd say that your bulb might be faulty. Sorry bout that.