Set HSM Away on a device event (not trigger?)

I have Yale keypad lock and I love it. I have a rule to disable HSM upon using a lock code to unlock the door. Works great!!

I'd like to create a rule that sets the HSM to Away when the lock is locked via button (thereby from the outside).

How do I set that up?

Should be able use a custom rule with:

Trigger: Lock locked
Condition: Event Description contains “locked via button [physical]”

Sounds easy enough... But I swear I've been trying to set this up all afternoon! How do I set the condition upon the event description?

Hmmm pretty sure I’ve seen it done in RM but don’t see it now (@bravenel ??) - in webCoRE it’s the system variable $currentEventDescription.

There is no way to reference the Description Text in RM, as these vary from device to device and are not defined anywhere. I doubt you can detect this event as distinct from any other way the lock is locked.

Ok - is there a way to send Hubitat notifications via email? Successfully? Without running Exchange in my spare bedroom? I have the following accounts: gmail, yahoo, comcast, msn... all appear to have gotten away from smtp port 25... I tried sendmail and HEmail - neither would work. If I can get that working,
I think I have an idea cooking to get this lock automation working...

I'm using the Notifier app and I successfully set up a notifier as both a Hubitat ios push , and Pushover to let me know when the lock is locked - and it includes the Description Text so I know HOW the lock was locked. (%device% - %value%, %text% - %date%, %time%)

If I can get that via email, I can use that email to create an IFTTT applet to set the HSM Mode to Away whenever I get an email with the correct Lock Notifier text string.

There's gotta be more than one way to skin this kitty...

I went through trying to get something similar working and I finally chose another method with fewer points of integration. I use one of three triggers... (1) I arm the alarm system manually and that triggers the doors to lock after the exit delay. (2) I use a combined presence sensor and Life360 to determine whether the house is empty and if so I arm the system and lock all the doors. (3) I have a virtual switch that does the same thing as #2 and you can do it all from Alexa by telling her "goodbye." You'll see some extra stuff in here you would not need, mostly because my alarm panel does not integrate with HSM and I have built some manual integration that requires a bit more complexity.

This functionality was native in my previous 2 Vera systems. A trigger could be selected as "lock button pressed" for the same model lock lots of folks have here (Schlage BE468/9)

Surely it's something the much more advanced Hubitat C7 can capture?!?!

I will look into a mechanism to allow device event description text to be captured. This is somewhat a kludge, given that the devices themselves don't use their own protocols to report such an event. I don't know if that is a protocol weakness (Zigbee, Z-Wave), a device weakness, or what. But, if that's how the information can be gleaned, then it should be usable.

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