Set color per mode

I've noticed that you can set color temp per mode but not color. It would be handy to be able to set color per mode. Right now I have to use multiple rules.

Use case: I have an on motion rule for lights on. I want different whites during most times and red when mode = night. right now I control the shade of white via color temp by mode but have to create a separate rule for mode=night to get red. If I could do color by mode then I could have it all in one rule.

EDIT: I would love this RM and Button Controller.

Both Motion Lighting and Mode Lighting do color per mode. If you're using motion to fire your rules, you can certainly do it with Motion Lighting.

However, I also have other conditions than just motion. Like all lights need to be already off. I also started to use the private boolean to disable the rule if I change lights using my Pico.

The disabling with a Pico is part of Motion Lighting. It also has switch enabler/disabler stuff, so you could have your rule enable/disable it.

Anyway, we will get around to adding it to RM and BC at some point soon.