Set Color and Level by Mode not working in RM4 (2.1.6)

After updating, none of my Set Color and Level by Mode rules are working now. This is occurring in multiple rules. All the bulbs being changed are color bulbs.

From the logs (Device 1285 is a Sengled Color bulb):
Calling manually from the device page using the setColor button:
dev:12852019-10-31 05:39:12.411 pm tracesetColor([saturation:100, hue:67, level:100]) called...

Being called from RM4:
dev:12852019-10-31 05:38:58.143 pm tracesetColor([hue:null, saturation:100, level:null]) called...

Log output from the rule:

My rule:

My device:


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We will look into this...

We didn’t change anything about this, but........

Thanks @bravenel. As a test, I switched set color and level by mode to just set color and then set level by mode and that worked as a work around.


Trust me... as a software dev myself, I have seen this a thousand times over. I totally get it. Thanks for looking into it.

Yep, broke the heck out of that one, and the other per mode ones also. Fix will be coming out in next hot fix release.

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Ok, I'll hold off modifying my other rules until then. Thanks @bravenel and sorry to cause you guys to have to do extra work.

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Not extra work, rather correcting something dumb I did. No worries, not much effort to correct.


This bug has been fixed in the latest release You will have to redo any color-per-mode actions that you setup with 2.1.6 prior to this hot fix release. Simply edit the action, and put the values in again. Previously existing per-mode actions should all work correctly.

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Thanks Bruce. I'll update and report back. Thanks for the quick turnaround.